Gymnasts In MotionTM is a unique and innovative way of teaching preschool gymnastics. We bring our specialty equipped Gymnastics Bus to your childcare center.

Participants develop self-confindence and self awareness. We promote a positive learning environment for students to have fun and enjoy physical fitness while enhancing their physical capabilities.

Students are introduced to preschool gymnastics and progress by developing essential motor skills and coordination through movement. We incorporate music, gymnastics, and small motor equipment to enlighten all senses of your child's development.

We emphasize the importance of daily exercise in maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit.

Conveniently we bring the gymnasium to our preschool students. No more driving to gymnastics after a long day at work. Gymnastics Classes take place inside the Big Blue Bus while your child is attending preschool or childcare!

Safety is our Number 1 Priority! Our preschool Gymnastics Bus and equipment is designed to facilitate safe, fun, low impact movements and exercises for preschool children.


Children between ages of 18 months to seven years are eligible to participate in our Gymnastics Bus program.

Classes are taught continuously throughout the year. Students may be added at any time. Gymnastics is an individual progression based sport. Get Started Today!  

Ask your childcare provider for an enrollment form today.


You may contact Jennifer at 574-340-9454 or for more information/comments/feedback or to have the Gymnastics Bus come to your childcare or birthday party.


Jennifer Leininger - Owner/Director

Jennifer has been involved in competitive gymnastics since the age of 6 through her college years. She has been instructing gymnastics since age 16. Jennifer started her first preschool gymnastics bus in 1996.

Our Friendly Staff : Working Together with Families to Enhance your

 Child's Development

Staff combining over 35 years of gymnastic experience, 25 plus years of teaching gymnastics and having competed at collegiate levels, all instructors are well qualified.

Instructors are members of USA Gymnastics and are all Safety Certified by USA Gymnastics for preschool instruction through Level 3 gymnastics. 

All staff members are required to pass a National Criminal Background Check for the protection and safety of all our children participants and associated staff.

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Gymnastics brought to your Childcare or Birthday party!